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Our multi purpose towel will have you covered in soo many ways

--- Just got done working out and are all sweaty?

--- Just leaving a sports game and kids are dirty?

--- Kids are cold in the car?

--- Going to the beach?

--- Tired of having sweat bumps on the back of your legs from your legs rubbing on your leather seats?

--- Sun has your seats blazing hot?

--- Need a cover for our infant car seat because it just started to rain?

--- Need to change clothes without exposing yourself?

--- Just got out the shower?


OUR WAIST GAME MULTIPURPOSE TOWEL HAS YOU COVERED FOR ALL OCCASIONS....Best of all you don't need 10 different things to help you WIN AT THE GAME OF LIFE...


Grab our multipurpose towel and win back your time and peace by being MINIMAL!! 

Multipurpose Towel

Excluding Sales Tax
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